Pete and Jen Got Married!

This past weekend, two of Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s favorite people were married. The duo includes Godfather (to Sophie) Pete and Auntie Jen, and I know I speak for all the Strumolos when I say that we are so happy Jen is officially one of us now. I have finally recovered from the trip (and from all the dancing!) and I’m ready to write about it.

Here we are before the ceremony. Henry, Jack, and Sophie aren’t actually as grumpy as they seem. They were just sleepy! Sophie’s bow serves two purposes: to make her look fancy and to hide the bleeding on her forehead. We cannot get this girl to stop scratching!

IMG_6141The wedding was in Maryland, and with Will as one of the best men (and brother to the groom), and me as a bridesmaid, we definitely needed to bring reinforcements. Enter Nana!


My mom was nice enough to accompany us on the trip down, and we would not have survived the weekend without her. A few notes about the trip itself:

  • It was raining. Both when we packed up in NYC on Saturday morning AND when we packed back up in MD on Monday morning.
  • We had to bring fancy clothes (i.e. we needed space for a garment bag NOT to get smushed) and a guitar (more on that later).
  • The trip (sans rain or traffic or babies) is just over four hours. Henry, Jack, and Sophie are still members of the Eat Every Three(ish) Hours Club.

In anticipation of a busy and hectic weekend, I made two schedules: one that described what the babies would be doing, when they would be doing it, and who would be with them when they did it, and one that combined all that with what Will and I would be doing, when we would be doing it, and where we would be doing it. On paper it looked a little rigid, sure, but totally doable. If you’re interested, here’s what it looked like:

Schedule for P and J Wedding Weekend HSJ Schedule

So, we piled into the van (already wet) with Will driving, me navigating, Nana and Jack in the middle row, and Henry and Sophie in the back row. We left an hour later than we planned. Did I mention we had to fit a guitar in there? And that it was raining? And there you have it. Before the trip even began, we were off schedule. We decided to push the trio as far as they could go before stopping to feed. Having never fed them on the road before, we weren’t exactly eager to start.

We arrived at the rest stop at 11:30, I squeezed into the backseat in between H and S (after removing several bags that were occupying that space), and Nana stayed in the middle to feed J. The milk was still cold, everyone had all but forgotten how to use their Bebe Bottle Slings, and Sophie needed to be changed. Badly. About an hour later, Sophie’s diaper had been changed, Jack had almost finished his bottle, and Henry was wearing a Batman onesie, sans velcro cape. Why, you ask? Because after he spit up ALL over himself (after only taking half of his bottle), we realized that all of his clothes (and everyone else’s for that matter) were packed away in bags UNDERNEATH everything else. Oops. Luckily Will had decided to throw in their superhero outfits at the last minute (?!) and they were with the “hanging clothes.” I am sad I didn’t get a photo of Henry in his get-up, but there was no time. We had a schedule to catch up with and a wedding to get to!


This is what feeding them in the van looks like.

We started off again even though H and S had hardly eaten, and the GPS said we had 3 hours and 21 minutes to go. What?!? Wasn’t it 4 hours and 12 minutes when we left Manhattan? How could we still be so far away? Anyway, we arrived in Maryland around 2:30pm, Will went off to write his toast (it’s a good thing he works well under pressure!) and the babies pretty much refused to eat AGAIN. But at least Grammie was there to help! Double Grandma Coverage is a real treat!


Apparently, a water bottle makes a fun toy. Look at this face!

The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch (no pun intended) and we celebrated P & J in proper fashion, dancing until the wee hours of the morning, spending time with cousins (so many cousins!), aunts and uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, and good friends.

While Will and I were off performing our bridal party duties, the trips were spending time with Nana, Grammie, Nonno, Gee, and Poppy. Lucky babies!

IMG_0084 WP_20141012_12_38_51_Pro IMG_8862Gee also brought a special gift in honor of Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s 6-month birthday. More details coming soon, but I’ll give you one hint: it features one very fancy pachyderm.

Our photo collection from the weekend is somewhat limited (no pockets in my bridesmaid dress!), but we can’t wait to see the group shots from the professional photographer.


Just chillin’ during the ceremony, getting ready for family photos!

In the tradition of the Strumolo family, Will and his siblings wrote a song, sang the song and recorded a video–this time enlisting the help of Jen’s family and other members of the wedding party–to commemorate the event. The trips weren’t nearly as excited to dance as we had hoped, but here they are in their featured onesies.


10.12.14 – The Wedding Date

Other musical numbers from the weekend included Will’s toast at the rehearsal dinner (hence the guitar), a performance by two of Peter’s former bandmates during the ceremony, a serenade by several of Jen’s a cappellamates from college (and sister-in-law, Addie), and best of all, Jen’s own rendition of “At Last” with the wedding band at the reception!

On our way back home, the trips held up through the rain (again), the rest stop feed, and a LOT of traffic. IMG_1792IMG_1793It was all worth it for the chance to see our extended family and for the opportunity to celebrate of one of our newest members–Jennifer!–and of course, Peter.

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