Our Little Bobble Heads

As some of you may already know, Henry and Jack have rather large heads. They’ve had these rather large heads for a while now, and we’d sort of forgotten about them (although we are briefly reminded every time we struggle to get a onesie over their head).




So…hard…to lift…heads…

Jack and Henry’s heavy heads weigh them down when they try to push up during tummy time or sit up in their Bumbos, so we weren’t terribly surprised when Sophie reached those milestones first. For all of her adorable chub, Sophie is tiny. A mere 22 inches long!


Hello! I’m tiny!

In any event, we had never been worried about the boys’ heads. Until last Tuesday. On Tuesday, we had our 6-month check up with the pediatrician. Two adults, three babies, twelve shots, and three oral vaccines can make for a rough evening. Add to that that the babies were being poked and prodded at around 5:30 pm (their LEAST favorite time of day), and that they are now able to roll OFF the exam table should they choose to do so, and things can get pretty wild. But despite the requisite wails when they were jabbed in the leg four times in a row, the trips were perfect patients. In fact, the boys started showing up, pushing up on their elbows like never before! The only question our pediatrician had was, “Why are their heads growing so fast?”

Those adorable noggins of theirs have hopped their way up into the 70th-77th percentile in the past few months. For non-preemie 6-month-olds. That means Henry and Jack’s heads are bigger than approximately 75% of their 6-month-old, carried-to-term, singleton counterparts. Weight and height are usually adjusted for their age (so we compare to 3.5-month-olds) but doing that for their head circumferences puts them off the charts. So our pediatrician sent us off for head ultrasounds. She tried to sound calm, assured us that she didn’t want to scare us, and urged us not to Google it (yeah, right), but she wanted to rule out fluid in the brain. Hydrocephalus to be medically precise.

Here’s Henry the morning before his head ultrasound, looking none-to-pleased (and simultaneously adorable of course).



Sophie came along for the ride because her head isn’t exactly small, and so on Friday afternoon, the Strumolo Five were off to the pediatric radiology department of New York Presbyterian. We are still awaiting the official results, but the outlook is promising. Sophie is off the hook–nothing in that pretty little head of hers but brains–and the initial, unofficial reading of the boys’ pictures show no fluid in the brain. It does appear that they have a significant amount of fluid outside the brain, however, so we are still waiting for word on what that means, but our Google search (sorry, Doc!) suggests that the approach is just wait and see. We think it should resolve on its own.


Sleeping with her shades on. Or off. Whatever.


Cool dudes.

I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, these little peanuts have been enjoying the fall weather, their toys, and each other.

IMG_1804 IMG_1805IMG_3312

Sophie and her doll are doing tummy time together.

IMG_1799 IMG_1802 IMG_1803


Sitting up on her own. For a second. Maybe two.

Sibling time!


Tea Party!


Henry wanted to make sure that Daddy was a part of the party.


He felt much better when he knew everyone was included.


Hanging out and working on those wobbly heads.


This is too much fun!

THIS JUST IN! If you are still reading this, I heard official word from the doctor between starting this post and finishing it. One word sums it up: “BENIGN!” That’s a word we like to hear. They did ask that Will and I measure our own head circumferences to see if either of us have a head circumference in the 95th+ percentile. We’ll keep you posted (and you can keep guessing which one of us you think it is).

2 thoughts on “Our Little Bobble Heads

  1. E: There was some question when Olivia was a baby why her head was big and hydrocephalus was briefly considered but she just has a big head which I think runs in the Pollak family since her cousin has one too. This might not be scientifically accurate but I always thought big head=big brains=very intelligent.

  2. OMG! I just read back through Sept 24th! SERIOUSLY????? And you have a HUGE job….that involves my kids…. and you are surviving all of this AND blogging? I am tired but I owed it to you to stay up and read because while I thought I had a busy day……….
    I laughed at the Will at the soccer game post… you know all comedy is tragedy in the retelling right?! I sincerely hope you and Will and the trips are all sound asleep. Bravo on all of it. I am really in awe!
    Christina Gerry

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