9 Months

DISCLAIMER: My videos are ALL in portrait orientation. Despite the fact that I took some (most) of them in landscape mode. This is annoying. I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve read that it is a glitch with the iPhone 6. It could also be that I’m technologically impaired. Or just too impatient to figure out the proper way to do it. Either way, I apologize in advance for the crick in your neck. If you’d like to see the rotated video with a huge watermark on top of it, I can make that happen…not so technologically impaired now, am I?

These happy babies are nine months old already! At this time last year we were on the hunt for a new apartment to rent, seeing as our previous “2 bedroom” had neither elevator nor dishwasher. And it would have been hilarious (or horrifying) trying to fit three babies (or two adults) in that “second bedroom.” The pictures don’t scream “happy babies” but I swear, they are. You’ll see. Keep reading.

Things we enjoy at nine months old: this varies by baby, of course but everybody likes a good game of peek-a-boo, splashing around in the tub, reading (or eating) a book, rolling around on the play mat in our new “baby jail,” and giggling when Mom and Dad hit upon the right mix of silly songs, dances, and baby acrobatics.


Baby jail.


Someone wants out.



Things we are working on: sitting up, eating like big boys and girl in our high chairs, crawling, babbling, feeding ourselves, perfecting our selfies, NAPPING…we’ve been busy!

Can you tell who is who in those selfies? Their facial expressions say it all.


We’re still a little small for these chairs (too much wiggle room for Sophie!) but boy, do we love the view from up here!

Naptime Fail

On the move! Almost…

 Solid effort by Henry. We’re not sure if he LIKES his head on the ground like that, thinks he NEEDS his head on the ground like that, or just doesn’t have the strength or stamina to keep that big noggin up!


Prior to establishing forward motion. “I’m stuck!”


Not again!





Weight: 15 lbs, 8 oz

Height: TBD at Tuesday’s doctor’s appointment. Have you ever tried to measure the “height” of a semi-mobile nine month old?

Head Circumference: Yeah, we’re going to let the doctors confirm this one.

Favorite past times: “reading,” bouncing around in his exersaucer, blowing raspberries (yes, still…sometimes he does this for so long that he runs out of breath), snuggling, babbling


Favorite toys: burp cloths, washcloths, onesies, curtains (do you sense a theme?), diapers, books, stuffed animals

Personality traits: Jack is our snuggly, jolly, goofy little sweetheart. He is easily surprised and easily excited, but pretty relaxed about most things. Except when he gets stuck in the corner. Nobody puts Jack in the corner.

Nicknames: Bubba, Bubbadoo, and J

New tricks: Getting on all fours and rocking back and forth…watch out! He’s ready to move!


Update: By the time I had finished this blog post, we had forward motion! It ain’t pretty, but it works! Sort of.

Favorite food: prunes. I kid you not.

Least favorite food: quinoa-chicken-veggie soup made by yours truly. I will try not to take this personally.

Most mischievous moment: Jack’s been on a well-behaved streak recently. He’s still got some naughty in him though, I am sure of it. This smile is too darn adorable not to have some mischief lurking behind.





Weight: 16 lbs

Height: TBD at Tuesday’s doctor’s appointment. Have you ever tried to measure the “height” of a semi-mobile nine month old?

Head Circumference: Yeah, we’re going to let the doctors confirm this one.

Favorite past times: bouncing around in his exersaucer, talking to himself, eating, climbing out of his Boppy during feeds, rolling over and crawling away during diaper changes…

Favorite toys: banana toothbrush, squeaky monkey, octopus teether


Personality traits: Henry is still our skeptic. Want to take another guess at those selfies now? It takes him a little while to warm to new things and new people, and he looks you up and down pretty seriously before he decides, but when he smiles at you, you feel like you’ve just been accepted into the “cool crowd” in middle school. He is a bit particular about things and can get cranky when he doesn’t get his way, but he’s usually pretty easy to please with a hug and a raspberry on his tummy.

Nicknames: H, H-man, Bubba-doo, Mr. Bub

New tricks: That head on the ground thing is definitely a “trick” of some sort. Sitting up for (very) short periods of time.

Most mischievous moment: refusing (almost) to sit still for our nine month photo shoot. See above.





Weight: 13 lbs, 8 oz

Favorite past times: rolling, crawling, and scooting around on the floor;

Favorite toys: the soccer ball, Sophie the giraffe, her piano (yesterday I caught her playing her piano with one hand while holding onto her soccer ball with the other).

Personality traits: Sophie is ALWAYS happy. Except when she’s not. But that usually only happens at nap time or bed time. And even then, it’s not until you start walking away from the crib that she realizes she’s supposed to sleep in there. Alone. And that makes her, well, sad. Or angry. Usually a little bit of both. But this girl is almost always smiling. She is our playful one, happy to roam around the mat by herself in search of her soccer ball, jabbering away about something. She also likes to mug for the camera, so it makes it difficult to catch her in motion. But boy, is she on the move!


Nicknames: Noodle, Noody, Soph

Favorite food: anything she can feed herself, which isn’t much at the moment. No teeth + strong gag reflux = more out than in. But she sure likes to try!

Least favorite food: Anything at first taste. By the second or third bite, she’s on board.

New tricks: the army crawl. Feeding herself. Sort of!


Most mischievous moment: The dozens of times she’s noticed one of her brothers playing with a toy and dragged herself over there to take it away. We’re hoping this is just a phase.


It’s been an exciting and exhilarating month. I thought I’d close with some of those giggles I was talking about earlier. Baby giggles are always awesome. Baby giggles times three? The best.


One thought on “9 Months

  1. E: So enjoy the videos – seeing Henry, Jack and Sophie eating, laughing, stealing toys and trying to crawl. Reminds me of good times with my girls long ago.

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