Busy Bees!

We’ve been busy the past two weeks!

#1: Cheering for Chelsea:


#2: Practicing Sitting:

#3: Working to Perfect Our “Crawl” (and starting to kneel):


Gearing up…


Getting ready…


The race is on!


An iPad makes for great motivation.


#4: Practicing Eating

We are making slow progress with solids (strong gag reflex, these babies!) but we’re persevering!

#5: Making Mischief:

#6: Hanging out with Uncle Peter and Auntie Jen:


#7: Making More Mischief:

IMG_0030   IMG_5552

Henry is unfazed.

Henry is unfazed.

Sophie doesn't look too worried either!

Sophie doesn’t look too worried either!


The boys have decided that Sophie is on to something…they’re just not sure what.


#8: Playing Together:

#9: And Alone


“Where’d everybody go?”

#10: FaceTiming with Family


#11: Cutting Teeth!

No photos of this one (it seems reasonable that when you’re pushing two sharp teeth through your lower gums you might not want other people shoving their hands in your mouth to get a photo). But Henry is two teeth richer this week, and I’m pretty sure Jack and Sophie are not far behind!

Other updates:

  • Head circumferences (in order from smallest to largest as of their 9-month check up (two weeks ago):
    • Sophie: 42cm
    • Jack: 46 cm
    • Henry: 48.5 cm

So, the boys’ heads are still big, Sophie’s is still not, and we’re still trusting that it’s just a big head thing. Henry’s is off the charts, and Jack’s seems to have plateaued at the 99th percentile. No wonder Sophie has an easier time sitting up!

  • Heights:
    • Sophie: 24.5 inches
    • Jack: 26 inches
    • Henry: 26 inches

Those are some short babies! But can we really say we’re surprised?

  • Other: Back to the pediatrician again today to check the boys’ blood counts again. For some reason the boys have had high white blood counts without any outward signs of infection. We just keep taking them back for finger pricks, and third time seems to be the charm! Their WBCs are still above “normal,” but everything else looks great, so they’re off the hook. No more finger pricking. We’ll take it.

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