#Triplets Are Hard

Having triplets is hard. There. I said it. I think maybe for the first time in eleven months. I don’t know if that means it’s getting harder, or if it is all finally catching up with me, but these last few weeks have been EX.HAUST.ING. See? I’m taking TOTAL liberty with capitalization AND punctuation. I MUST be tired. And I’ll let you in on another secret. All three sleep through the night. And have for months. I know, I know. We are SO lucky. It could be SO much harder. I didn’t sleep through the night myself until just recently (probably the result of the aforementioned exhaustion), so I get it. When I admit to people that our trio sleeps through the night–it is always the second or third question people ask, after “How are you doing?” and “How are the babies?”–some (most) of those people seem to imply that things must be pretty easy then. Well, I’ve got news for you. Even though they sleep for a good portion of every 24-hour period, and even though they are completely adorable, these silly little triplets are hard work.

2015-03-07 16.42.33

Us? Hard work? But we’re so cute!

2015-02-23 18.41.13

If you look closely, you might notice that not one of these children is holding his or her own bottle. Not one.

Those of you who know me well know that I am a perfectionist. I am competitive. I don’t like to be wrong, and I don’t like to ask for help. If you don’t know me well, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars you dodged that bullet! Just kidding. At least I’m self-aware. You might put a positive spin on this and say, “You’re hardworking! Responsible! Capable and self-reliant!” And you’d be right (and very kind) but no matter how you look at it, all of these things add up to feeling utterly overwhelmed sometimes. Particularly when I can’t get it all done or better yet, I don’t even know WHAT to do. As you might imagine, as a working mom of triplets, I can RARELY get it all done. And as a first time mom with three eleven-month-olds, I often don’t know what to do. Why do they cry when we put them down? Who should we put down last? (Even though there is probably only a fifteen second window between putting one baby down and the next, a baby can get pretty cranky in a manner of fifteen seconds!) Are we putting them down to early? Or too late? Are they hungry? Or too full? Are they not taking this bottle because they DON’T want it, or are they so hungry that we’ve missed the window and they’re too out-of-their-minds to eat? Should we be using sippy cups instead? Or straw cups? Or both? Which kind? When will they stop gagging? What causes Sophie’s eczema? The list goes on…

2015-03-07 16.43.36

Get it together, will ya, Mom?

But luckily, amidst all the chaos, the unknowns, and the unfinished work, these three little people are growing more adorable by the minute. So while it didn’t feel appropriate to hashtag about the trials and tribulations of life with triplets while celebrating their eleven month milestone (a week late), I thought I should at least explain a little bit of why I am late on this post. And you know what? It felt good to finally say (write) out loud (on the internet) that having triplets is hard. But when it’s fun? It’s REALLY fun.

2015-03-07 17.47.46

What are you doing down here, Mom?

2015-03-07 17.46.53

Three times as much fun. Eleven month stats coming soon.

6 thoughts on “#Triplets Are Hard

  1. I hear you, I’m here after March 29th. I can feed, change…anything you need! And look at Sophie’s hair? Spectacular! Xo

  2. This was an amazing post. I remember teaching young people all day and coming home to just ONE baby. The way I see it, as a teacher, you are “mothering” more than your own brood, and that makes it a billion times more EXHAUSTING! And never mind the time it takes to blog about it. I know the triplets are three lucky babies to have you as their mom.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! I couldn’t imagine having triplets AND working all day! For me, just having triplets plus another son that was 8 years older was enough. My advice to you is to enjoy your beautiful babies as much as you possibly can (which it looks like you are doing already)! Cleaning can be done tomorrow if you are tired (or better yet, get a cleaning person to help you). If the toys don’t get put away at night, that’s ok. Chances are they will be playing with them tomorrow anyway. It’s so important that you take care of yourself which includes getting enough sleep! Also, it’s ok to have a day to yourself every once in a while. My husband would go golfing with his brothers one weekend a year and I would go to Vermont with friends for a weekend once a year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful babies with us. I love reading about them. You are a great writer. And I agree with Janie- they are three lucky babies to have you as their Mom. Keep up the great work. And Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    • Jill, it is always nice to hear from you! I do so enjoy these babies, and that’s what makes the hard moments easier. I CANNOT believe they are nearly one. Where does the time go?!?

  4. I haven’t been on the site in a while and marvel at you, Els and Will and your adorable babes. They are so lucky to have you as parents!!!XXOOAunt Ellie

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