So Many Firsts

2015-05-23 12.38.42 HDR-2The last time I posted, I wrote about an emotional “last” for the Strumolo clan, and today, too many weeks later (Seriously, isn’t it summer? Shouldn’t I have loads of time on my hands?) I sit down to write about some firsts. I have tried desperately to keep track of all the firsts as they come, but when they’re coming at you three at a time, sometimes I end up with more of a general time frame for who said or did what when, and I just hope Henry, Jack, and Sophie will forgive me for my estimates in the future.

2015-06-02 08.07.58-1


Nicknames: Jack-O, J

First word: “Ball” although the ‘l’ sound is lacking a bit!

Other words: “Baby” (bah-bah), “dada*,” “mama*,” “bye,” and “duck.”

New tricks: making animal sounds (moo, bzzz), playing pat-a-cake, waving hi and bye, putting things in a bucket

Favorite foods: mac ‘n cheese, blueberries, waffles, beets

Least favorite foods: anything green. Unless he forgets it’s green. And then he’ll eat it.

Favorite toys: anything stuffed, anything crinkly, anything that ISN’T a toy (diapers, bags of wipes, coffee cups, curtains, you name it), books, balls (but maybe that’s just because that’s the only toy name he knows?), his rocking frog, a stuffed Lampard

Favorite pastimes: snuggling, taking baths, playing with tupperware, going for walks, emptying shelves, bins, and baskets, making music, drinking everybody else’s milk, looking for the baby in his “My First 100 Words” book

2015-06-06 11.41.44

2015-06-13 11.04.37

That pile of stuffed animals is Jack’s doing.

Things we are working on: Jack is SO close to walking. He can stand unassisted for about ten seconds, and he can take up to three steps before he stumbles. But he has definitely realized that crawling is faster (and probably safer), so who can blame him? He’s chatting up a storm, so we’re working on expanding his repertoire of animal sounds. And whether Jack knows it or not, we are also working on saying “mama” more often, and with purpose. And definitely NOT saying “dada” when we’ve been asked to say “mama.”

Tooth count: seven

Eating: Three meals a day, one morning milk, and one snack.

Sleeping: Two naps a day (most days), and an eleven(ish) hour stretch overnight

*My lack of capitalization here is not because I don’t understand that these are proper nouns, it is because Jack doesn’t seem to understand that these are proper nouns. Or at least, they should be when they are coming out of his mouth!


  2015-06-01 06.56.06

Nicknames: H, H-O

First word: “Dada”

Other words: “Ball,” “mama*,” and “bye.”

New tricks:  WALKING! That’s right, we have our first walker! Three steps on Friday, six steps on Saturday, and the PT saw it on Monday, so it’s official. He claps and plays pat-a-cake and can “moo” too, but come on, people, he’s walking!

Favorite foods: anything he can feed himself. If it comes on a spoon, he’ll complain, since he hasn’t quite sorted out how to do that himself yet. But you’d swear we starve this kid the way he carries on every time a person brings out a plate of food.

Least favorite foods: N/A

Favorite toys: Mom’s cell phone, water bottles, anything he can throw over the side of the baby jail

Favorite pastimes: entertaining his siblings, falling down (see favorite pastime #1), opening and closing doors, standing on the couch, going for walks, helping in the kitchen, taking a bath  

2015-06-16 07.16.35

H’s “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” shtick. Gets Jack every time.

Things we are working on: Understanding that we don’t eat books, keeping calm in the bathtub, brushing our teeth, and associating the word “dada” with Will and not simply any photo of any man ever. Oh, and associating “mama” with anyone at all (preferably me). Henry’s also practicing his animal sounds, and we’re eager to teach him to use the word “more” instead of just “ahhhhh!” when he wants more to eat.

Tooth count: eight

Eating: everything in sight, all day long

Sleeping: Two naps a day (most days), and an eleven(ish) hour stretch overnight

*See above for an explanation about capitalization.


2015-06-13 11.09.51

Nickname(s): Noodle, Noods, Soph

First word: “Hiiiiiiiiii.” Yes, she says it with a bajillion i’s. Or at least ten.

Other words: “bah-bye,” “ball,” “mama,” “dada,” and something that sort of sounds like a hybrid of “cat” and “meow” and is frequently used to address Milo and any other kitties Sophie sees

New tricks: Initiating a game of peek-a-boo, blowing kisses, and waving “hiiiiiiii,” and “bah-bye.” She knows her animal sounds for cow, sheep, and cat, and she babbles all day long. She loves stomping around while we hold onto her hands, (it is a very gleeful stomp), and we’re just trying to convince her that it might also be fun to walk around on her own. She’s not buying it.

Favorite foods: Broccoli, beets, chicken nuggets, yogurt, mac ‘n cheese

Least favorite foods: chicken that is not nugget-shaped

Oh, and peanuts.

If I had to put my money on one of the trio having food allergies, it would have been Sophie, given her eczema. Since last winter when we introduced solid foods, she’s had minor reactions here and there, along with her eczema flare-ups, but we’ve never been able to pinpoint any one thing. Well, I’m pretty sure we’ve pinpointed peanuts. One teeny, tiny taste of peanut butter, and within ten minutes, we were off to the emergency room. It turns out that it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction, but it was scary enough. After some Benadryl and four hours in the emergency room, Sophie was back home and in pretty good spirits. A trip to the pediatrician led to EpiPens and allergist appointments, so we will steer clear of nuts in this household for a while.

Favorite toys: her monkey (beware the brother who tries to borrow monkey!), her other monkey, the exersaucer, mirrors, the ball run, the bucket of shapes (sans shapes)

2015-06-12 18.26.31

“What? These aren’t BOTH for me?”

Favorite pastimes: riding Jack’s frog rocker, dancing, reading, saying “hi,” chasing after Milo, sitting up front in the triple stroller, and emptying the bookshelves.

Things we are working on: walking, not scratching at our eczema, understanding that we don’t eat books, brushing our teeth, and napping. Sophie is now a champion eater and a constant chatter box,  so we are working on increasing her vocabulary!

Tooth count: eight

Eating: everything in sight, all day long

Sleeping: One nap a day (although she is a semi-willing participant in both nap times), and an eleven(ish) hour stretch overnight

Until next time…

 2015-05-23 12.38.47 HDR


4 thoughts on “So Many Firsts

  1. Incredible, amazing, and smart like their parents! I’m so proud of all of you! I’m rooting for the proper use of Mama and Dada! Enjoy the summer!

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry Sophie’s in the (potential) peanut allergy club. She and James will have to commiserate one day. Also, my Henry LOVES the video of your Henry walking. I think it’s because he thinks you’re cheering for him at the end of it.

    • Oh, I was definitely cheering for your Henry. Obviously. And yeah, the peanut thing stinks. For everyone! We’ll see what the allergist results reveal this fall. Poor Jack may never know the taste!

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