Summer Fun and 15-Month Check-Ups!


It is incredible to me how much Henry, Jack, and Sophie have learned in the last few weeks. They are turning into walking, talking machines, and they are loving the backyard and beach life at Nana and Grumples’. We just had our fifteen-month check up (a couple weeks late), and our pediatrician is thrilled with everyone’s progress. Jack and Henry are creeping their way onto the non-preemie growth charts, and while Sophie hasn’t made it there yet, she’s pretty happy being our pint-size little lady.

New this month: Words! So many words! They just keep popping out of everyone’s mouth. And walking! We have some real walking happening here! As in, somebody decides they’d like to have that toy over there, and they stand up, walk over, crouch down, and pick it up! Sophie is more of a walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, run, dive! kind of gal, but with every day that passes, she’s taking more steps. She’s up to about eight steps now.

Climbing stairs! We didn’t even have to teach them how to do this. It doesn’t seem like stair-climbing would be on the list of evolutionary survival skills, but Nana and Grumples have an upstairs and a downstairs, and Henry, Jack, and Sophie are climbing them. I didn’t really believe they had it mastered until Henry decided to head for the stairs instead of the kitchen at dinner time today. Jack and I were hot on his heels, but he was so fast that he made it up to the first landing before I snagged him. Will, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me. I promise, I was right there. But, FYI, if you think maybe when they go in the direction of the stairs they won’t actually be able to climb up them, you are wrong. No photos, because I was trying to catch a runaway toddler.


The beach! It’s taken a little while for everyone to get used to the feel of the sand, and we still have a love-hate relationship with the baby pool (love splashing around in it with Mom and Dad, hate that we’re not allowed to splash around in it all by ourselves), and the beach still feels like a three-person job (three adults, that is) most days, but we’ve been there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we’re doing all right!

2015-07-13 11.35.29

The backyard! I absolutely LOVE Central Park. But there is something so wonderful (and convenient) about being able to explore in the backyard at a moment’s notice. Before lunch, after lunch, after breakfast, anytime we please, really! One mama and three teetering toddlers still requires some planning to get out to the lawn (I can’t just open the door and send them on their way), but everyone is beginning to like the feel of the grass between their toes, so while they used to simply circle around the water table, they are now off and exploring.


2015-07-08 17.26.51


Nicknames: We’re sticking with Jack-O. And J. And he still gets, “Bubba” a lot from me.

Weight: 20 lbs, 3 oz

Height: 29.75 inches

Head Circumference: 49.5 cm

Words: car, Nana, ‘nana (this is the improper noun, otherwise known as “banana,”) Dor-Dor (for Dorothy, my parents’ dog), Meow (or maybe it’s “Milo?”) for Milo, baby, door, dog, hat, wagon “wah-wah” and water (“wuh-wuh”), more, night-night, bubbles, & ball. “Ball” is used very generally to describe anything even semi-spherical in form. This includes rocks, pom poms, and peas. “Brum-Brum” means Grumples, Dada finally means “Dada,” but it might also mean, “What’s that?” and he says “dirty” all the time. This is one of my favorites, because he is definitely calling shoes “dirty.” Obviously we’ve said, “dirty” so many times in relationship to shoes–as in, “Those are dirty, please don’t eat them.”–and while he’s grasped the word, “dirty,” he has not grasped the concept. He is never more excited than when he sees a pair of shoes, and he races over there, grabs them, holds them in the air, and exclaims, “Dirty!”


Meal times: He is a bit of a picky eater, or at least he thinks he’s a picky eater. If he can be tricked into trying something (say, a banana that he’s had only a hundred times before and has just decided today he absolutely hates), he will generally gobble it up. But if he thinks he doesn’t like something, you’re likely to find it hidden in his high chair (or someone else’s), or covering the floor underneath him. And not because he accidentally dropped it. He is currently protesting most fruits and vegetables.

Other news: As a truly sweet older brother, Jack has been known to find Sophie’s monkey and return it to her. He’s also been known to get stuck in the exersaucer. He loves to sleep, but we’ve persuaded him to get on board with the one nap a day project. Jack is a project guy, and when he’s got an idea for something, he is intensely focused. This might be throwing toys over the fence, putting things into the bucket, or pushing the wagon back and forth. But whatever it is, Jack is into it. I love this kid!



Nickname: H-O, H

Weight: 21.5 pounds

Height: 30 inches

Head Circumference: 50.75 cm (still off the charts, and growing)*

Words: Dada, Mama (hooray!), baby, car, ball, bubbles, meow, dog, Nana, ‘nana, milk, and”piggie!” Fhis is my favorite of Henry’s, because he says it after he, or anyone else burps. There are few things more adorable than your one-year-old looking up at his grandfather after a belch and saying, “Piggie!” with all the glee he can muster, and then melting into a fit of giggles.

Meal time: Henry is still our champion eater. This comes with its pros and cons. Pro: Henry will eat anything. Con: Henry will eat anything. Including books. Ok, they all do that. But Henry is likely to shove anything he can fit into his mouth, and I am certain he is competing with someone for the “Who can shove the most puffs in their mouth?” award. The only time he gives us a hard time is if he can’t feed himself. I’m pretty sure he just thinks the rest of us are too slow.

Other news: Henry has discovered stuffed animals, and he LOVES them. Especially his new dog friend. He also knows to fetch Sophie’s monkey when she’s feeling sad. These boys are the sweetest. He is eager to start running, and he’ll climb (or attempt to climb) anything. He loves the beach, and he’s turned into quite the dancer! He is particularly fond of “Your Lips Are Moving!” (KidzBop 28). Love this kid.


2015-07-23 10.48.41

Nicknames: Soph, Noodle, Sophita

Weight: 16 lbs, 5 oz

Height: 27.75 inches

Head Circumference: 45 cm

Words: hi, up, all done, uh-oh, bubbles, ball, Nana, dog, cat, milk, what’s that?, meow, night-night, and “wah-wah” which means, “I want that,” not “water” or “milk” like I originally thought. Sophie also has a knack for repeating just about anything you say. So she’s working on “octopus,” at the moment 🙂

Meal time: Sophie is a bit of a picky eater, but it’s more that she wants to eat on her own schedule and at her own pace. Sometimes (most times) with triplets, that’s not the way we roll, but because she’s so teeny, we’ll pretty much let her eat whatever she wants whenever she wants it. She shies away from new foods and new textures, and it takes a lot of convincing to get her to believe she likes something. She’s more of a, “stick it in my mouth and then spit it out with a grimace” kind of eater.

Other Things We’ve Been Up To:

Visiting with Baba

2015-07-05 16.52.12 2015-07-05 16.50.09 2015-07-11 16.43.10

Wagon Rides


Lounging Around (Inside and Out)

2015-07-23 10.48.02


Look closely at their shirts…  

Finding New Ways to Play in the Exersaucer

2015-07-11 08.27.542015-07-12 15.52.50

Our First Trip to Central Park Zoo

2015-07-19 11.47.52 2015-07-19 12.24.25

Playing With Dorothy


They are all OBSESSED with Dorothy and Milo. Every morning when they wake up, the first thing they do is ask for “Dada.” The second thing they do is ask for Milo. Exclamations of “Meow! Meow! Meow!” and “Milo!” ring through the house at 6:30AM, and at any other time that they think they’ve caught a glimpse of her sleeping upstairs or lurking around the corner. Dorothy joins us at meal times, and all three kiddos squeal with excitement and shouts of “Dor! Dor!” morning, noon, and night. We are working on gentle touching with Dorothy and no touching with Milo 🙂 Henry has adopted a stuffed dog as his new sleeping (and dining and swimming) buddy, while Jack cuddles with his new STUFFED kitty.

2015-07-21 15.32.42

Piles of Pillows

Most of us probably take pillows for granted. We have them on our beds, on our couches, and some of us even have decorative pillows adorning our arm chairs, love seats, and chez lounges. Henry, Jack, and Sophie have never had pillows. This is what happens when you throw a pillow (or three) on the floor for them:

Trips to the Playground

2015-07-28 10.17.06

Hanging Out In Our New Play Area at Nana and Grumples’


Can you spot the baby in the baby jail?

Celebrating Baba’s 92nd Birthday!

2015-07-28 11.57.34 HDR

Other Assorted Mischief

2015-07-21 08.19.122015-07-21 07.36.34-2


Happy July 14th!

2015-07-02 12.51.51I’m not sure what made me think I would be a better blogger this summer. True, I am not going to work every day, but I am feeding/bathing/diapering/entertaining/corralling/cuddling/cleaning up after three toddlers all day. And training for the NYC marathon during nap time. Don’t ask! In any event, I have lots of photos of what’s been going on recently, but I’m going to try to keep this one short and sweet, since it’s already way past my bedtime!


July 3, 2015

As is our Fourth of July tradition, we spent the holiday this year in Islip, visiting with the Havemeyer clan and the Strumolo aunts and uncles. It is hard to believe that the last time we were there, one year ago, Henry, Jack, and Sophie had never really experienced the sun (much less the great outdoors), and they spent most of their time sleeping inside. They were only a week past their due date, after all! This year, they were busy exploring, indoors and out!


Islip is the perfect place for rides in our Choo Choo Wagon.


2015-07-04 07.48.28

There is lots of space to practice walking….

And three little chairs to sit and relax in…


She forgave me.

2015-07-04 07.45.51

We have discovered dogs. And we LOVE them. It’s a, “We can barely contain our excitement!” kinda love.


2015-07-03 14.05.47-2

Jack is especially smitten.

And of course we made an effort at a festive family photo.
2015-07-04 09.11.52

2015-07-04 12.23.36-1

And Henry perfected his “Blue Steel” look. Nailed it!

In other news (there is so much other news!) this happened:



We’re on the move, people!

This Is What Having Three One-Year-Olds Looks Like

This is what going for a walk looks like. Having multiple babies requires enormous strollers. And several of them. There’s really no way around it (believe me, we’ve tried. That’s why we have so many strollers)! We have seven by my current count. Plus a Choo-Choo Wagon. (See below). Number of babies times two, plus one. Isn’t that the standard equation for stroller count?

2015-05-23 12.00.24

2015-06-20 13.09.01

This is what swinging looks like. We’ve gotten used to always taking up at LEAST two swings at the park, and we are prepared for the questions and comments that accompany some of the sideways glances we get when we take up more than one family’s fair share of the swinging real estate. But let’s be honest. We take up more than one family’s fair share of a lot of things at this point: sidewalk space, elevator room, laundry machines, pediatrician’s appointments…and we elicit a lot of questions and comments wherever we go!

2015-06-14 15.34.452015-06-06 12.41.43-2

This is what 7AM looks like. There’s really no point in putting away the toys.

2015-06-14 10.49.40 HDR-2

This is what bath time looks like. It’s all fun and games until somebody wants to get out.2015-06-07 20.09.28

This is what picnicking in the park looks like. 

2015-06-07 12.19.27

Someone is bound to sneak off and get into trouble.

2015-05-24 12.00.58-2

This is what helping out in the kitchen looks like:

2015-06-06 11.41.44

We place an emphasis on teamwork. For better or for worse.    

Teamwork in the nursery.

2015-05-24 11.08.41 2015-05-24 11.08.26

Teamwork in the play area.

Teamwork all over the place.

2015-06-17 17.59.20 

2015-06-12 15.45.35 


2015-05-24 11.17.03

This is what naptime looks like. For some of us.

2015-06-21 14.23.122015-06-21 14.23.24

This is what reading looks like. It helps to have extra large books.

2015-06-16 07.37.11

This is what going for a run with Mom looks like. It only takes three runs before everyone gets a turn!

2015-05-10 10.34.47

This is what road tripping looks like. AFTER we’ve unpacked the minivan, of course.

2015-06-21 11.27.56

And this is what the packing list looks like:                                                

2015-07-02 08.35.14

And a small portion of the contents of our van:

2015-07-02 08.59.40

This is what playing the piano looks like. Does anyone know a third harmony to “Heart and Soul”?

2015-06-20 16.53.23-1

This is what brushing our teeth looks like. 

And this is what the start to summer looks like. 

More adventures to come!