This Is What Having Three One-Year-Olds Looks Like

This is what going for a walk looks like. Having multiple babies requires enormous strollers. And several of them. There’s really no way around it (believe me, we’ve tried. That’s why we have so many strollers)! We have seven by my current count. Plus a Choo-Choo Wagon. (See below). Number of babies times two, plus one. Isn’t that the standard equation for stroller count?

2015-05-23 12.00.24

2015-06-20 13.09.01

This is what swinging looks like. We’ve gotten used to always taking up at LEAST two swings at the park, and we are prepared for the questions and comments that accompany some of the sideways glances we get when we take up more than one family’s fair share of the swinging real estate. But let’s be honest. We take up more than one family’s fair share of a lot of things at this point: sidewalk space, elevator room, laundry machines, pediatrician’s appointments…and we elicit a lot of questions and comments wherever we go!

2015-06-14 15.34.452015-06-06 12.41.43-2

This is what 7AM looks like. There’s really no point in putting away the toys.

2015-06-14 10.49.40 HDR-2

This is what bath time looks like. It’s all fun and games until somebody wants to get out.2015-06-07 20.09.28

This is what picnicking in the park looks like. 

2015-06-07 12.19.27

Someone is bound to sneak off and get into trouble.

2015-05-24 12.00.58-2

This is what helping out in the kitchen looks like:

2015-06-06 11.41.44

We place an emphasis on teamwork. For better or for worse.    

Teamwork in the nursery.

2015-05-24 11.08.41 2015-05-24 11.08.26

Teamwork in the play area.

Teamwork all over the place.

2015-06-17 17.59.20 

2015-06-12 15.45.35 


2015-05-24 11.17.03

This is what naptime looks like. For some of us.

2015-06-21 14.23.122015-06-21 14.23.24

This is what reading looks like. It helps to have extra large books.

2015-06-16 07.37.11

This is what going for a run with Mom looks like. It only takes three runs before everyone gets a turn!

2015-05-10 10.34.47

This is what road tripping looks like. AFTER we’ve unpacked the minivan, of course.

2015-06-21 11.27.56

And this is what the packing list looks like:                                                

2015-07-02 08.35.14

And a small portion of the contents of our van:

2015-07-02 08.59.40

This is what playing the piano looks like. Does anyone know a third harmony to “Heart and Soul”?

2015-06-20 16.53.23-1

This is what brushing our teeth looks like. 

And this is what the start to summer looks like. 

More adventures to come!

2 thoughts on “This Is What Having Three One-Year-Olds Looks Like

  1. YOU continue to amaze me! ( I’m Dundeen Bostwick Catlin’s cousin) Just arrived to meet our new grand daughter born at 36 weeks at 4lbs 14oz. She is such a petite one, but then I re looked thru your Photos and stories from last year. It is mind boggling to believe we have 1 here….and YOU HAD THREE!!!!

    You are amazing!!! Happy summer and keep up with the blog! I live for it!!!!



    • Congratulations on your granddaughter, Deenie! Wishing her and her family all the best. We are in Islip for the holiday with the Havemeyer clan. Looking back at photos from last year, it is hard to believe how little Henry, Jack, and Sophie were back then. How time flies! And how resilient these teeny human beings can turn out to be!

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