More Summer Shenanigans

2015-08-02 16.20.41

Well, I can’t say we were surprised, but walking is definitely a game-changer. Throughout the first year of Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s lives, we often heard, “Just wait until they are walking!” I was equal parts excited and terrified for the day when they would all officially be on the move. It happened gradually, but by the end of August, these three amigos were off and running. Below, a list of pros and cons.

Pro: More independence! Not having to carry three babies everywhere means one person really can maneuver triplets from one place to another. There’s less back-and-forth, putting somebody down to go back and retrieve the other two.

August 4: Sophie is walking.

Con: More independence! Toddlers will really only be maneuvered where and when they want to be maneuvered. And their plans don’t always line up with your plans. In fact, sometimes, their plans are downright dangerous. It doesn’t help that climbing is the natural next step after walking. One climber, I could handle. Three climbers…well, we’re going to have to be more creative.

August 11: Everyone is climbing

Pro: More space to explore! Three bored toddlers are no fun. But three toddlers who have just discovered a new toy/flower/blade of grass/piece of dirt are a lot of fun. The last half of our summer was a lot of: baby pool, water table, sandbox, repeat. So much easier when they can walk that loop themselves!

Con: More space to explore. If there’s a fence at the other end of that wide open space, explore away! If it’s a park, a playground, a beach, or just a front lawn without boundaries, watch out!

August 6: Henry is exploring

2015-08-05 15.06.30

If you look closely, you’ll see our little explorer on the left.

Pro: Three extra helpers! Need the hair brush? Ask Jack to go get it for you! Forgot to grab the diaper cream from the basket before you sat down to wrestle with a wriggly, resisting, and dirty-diapered toddler? No problem! One of the other toddlers will lend a hand.

2015-07-29 17.02.37

Okay, this isn’t one of ours, but just look what we have to look forward to in a year! Here’s cousin Noah being a super duper helper with a load of dirty diapers in the back of his dump truck.

Con: The need for more babyproofing. I’ll admit it. Even with three, we’ve been lazy about babyproofing. We’d talked about it a lot, we’d purchased several babyproofing items, but we hadn’t really gotten around to it. Why bother? They spent most of their time in the baby jail, ahem, play area. Well, three walkers now know there is a whole world out there to explore, and there’s only so much wandering around the play area that will satisfy them. They are especially fond of climbing up stairs which made me grateful that we live in a small, one-bedroom apartment! Although I don’t suppose that will stop them from running into one another.

These kiddos are into everything:

2015-08-04 15.46.19-2


2015-08-11 18.15.41

One great thing about exploring Nana’s house is the abundance of toddler-sized chairs!

Pro: Slightly fewer calls for “uppa!” since they can now get from Point A to Point B on their own and rather quickly. Only slightly fewer though. Sometimes Point B is a bit higher than they can manage. And sometimes Point B is simply in your arms.

Bottom Line: I LOVE that they are walking. Aside from the fact that it is a huge and exciting milestone, all of the pros really do outweigh the cons. Getting to the bathtub with three is easier. Getting to nap time with three is easier. Getting to the high chairs with three is easier. The playground is not easier. Wide open spaces? Much more difficult. But you know what? They’re much more fun now too. Check out more of our summer shenanigans below, and stay tuned for our trip to Maine!

2015-08-13 16.31.46-1

What would a trip to Southampton be without a visit to Stevenson’s? Is there a train table in our future?

2015-08-02 16.41.15

Family fun in the baby pool.

One of our new favorite pastimes: mixing.

2015-07-30 10.33.09

Cousins Pool Party at Bumbie’s! I swear they liked it. Well, I swear Lily liked it.

2015-07-30 10.42.57

2015-08-07 08.24.32

Breakfast with the ducks.

2015-08-12 16.45.57

Monk goes for a ride.

2015-08-12 16.42.42

That hat, though…

2015-07-31 10.12.51

Beach baby

2015-08-09 17.53.04

Pizza picnics in the park

2015-08-06 14.27.22

Henry has a new friend, “Dog.”

2015-08-05 12.14.56

2015-07-30 16.22.30

Tunnel Time!    

2015-08-06 09.19.30

Sophie loves the swings. She exclaims, “Whee!” before, during, and after.

2015-08-03 15.56.39

Who said this truck isn’t built for two?

2015-08-09 18.33.34

Our first taste of ice cream. The verdict? Well, Sophie’s clearly a fan. Henry was slightly less enthusiastic, and Jack just refused. I am so confused.

2015-08-09 18.33.32

2015-08-01 11.46.42

Cousin Lily’s Christening.

  2015-08-01 12.44.50

2015-08-10 17.05.46Our last wagon ride of the season.

2015-08-14 07.04.14Saying goodbye to Nana and Grumples’ house and their summer digs.