Henry, No, No, No!

It’s February, and no matter what that groundhog says, we still have many days and weeks of indoor play ahead of us. And as Henry, Jack, and Sophie near their second birthday, they are getting more independent (and more mischievous)!

Things we like to do ourselves: brush our teeth (all 48 of them…that’s 24 new teeth since Christmas…ouch); get into our high chairs; take off our clothes (well, at least Henry really likes to do that); clean our hands and face; read; pick out our outfits; take out the trash; put the laundry in the laundry basket (let’s be honest, taking it OUT of basket is just as much fun); use our spoons and forks; go down the slide.

Our favorite indoor activities: baths, dance parties, reading, riding around on our various “vehicles,” puzzles, drawing, mixing, moving the furniture around, “cooking” in the kitchen, taking care of Baby, Milo, and Dog, “cards” (these are flashcards), playing in the tent, FaceTiming, 7-Minute Workout, playing, “Who can stand on the color…[fill in the blank]” on the play may, reorganizing the clothes bins, or the diaper bin, or the bookshelves.


FaceTime with Nana and Grumples

Other indoor fun:






Please note the scar on his forehead. And know that we didn’t put him up to any of this. Do you think he remembers listening to Harry Potter in the NICU?



Relaxing in a box of diapers. You know, the way we do.

Despite the winter weather, we try to get out for an “adventure” every Saturday and Sunday, and we are lucky to have Grammie and Grace to help during the week for other escapades when the weather permits.

Here’s some of what they’ve been up to when we do get out.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan (Okay, we’ve only done it once so far, but it was awesome)!

The Natural History Museum. Nearly every weekend, baby. “Hi, dinos!”

Central Park. The playgrounds. The zoos. The boat pond. The other boat pond that’s not called the boat pond. Alice. Swings. There’s SO much to do. Even in winter!

Our first snowballs! 



Visiting with Friends…more photos to come!

The grocery store. Ok, so I don’t have any photos of this, but it still feels like an adventure (or at the very least, an accomplishment) when we get there. We now have a triple stroller that navigates the aisles of a tiny, Manhattan health food market, and that feels like a pretty big deal.

When we get really desperate, trips in the wagon to the lobby, the laundry room, or even just the hallway provide afternoon entertainment.

And, for the title of this post. All those hours spent inside could drive anyone crazy. Or at least drive us to do something a bit naughty (because it’s SO MUCH FUN)! All three of these silly people have their fair share of naughty moments. But some of us have a bigger naughty streak than others. And some of us have a bigger bossy streak.


And this. This is bedtime. No visual. Just listen.

I went in there once just to make sure he wasn’t hanging from the curtain rod or something. And do you know what these three did? Hit the deck. Dead silence. Pretended to be asleep in their cribs. WHAT?! Where did they learn that?

A slumber party every night. How many other nearly-two-year-olds can say the same? 

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