Cousins and Long Weekends!

February came and went, and though we’re counting down the days ’til April (and Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s 2nd birthday), there is still a lot to say about the last month.

For Valentine’s Day (or Presidents Weekend), we made the trip down to Virginia to see cousins Lily and Noah, and of course, Aunt Hartley and Uncle Joe!

Hours of driving: 10

Length of visit: three days/three nights

Number of naps taken: three (that’s out of nine, mind you)

Number of new teeth that popped up when we returned: four

Number of sick kiddos: one

Number of graham crackers eaten: 37

Hours of fun: too many to count!

Getting ready to go

Packing for three toddlers is a serious undertaking, even when we’re just going for a weekend trip. The most important items on the list are definitely: Dog, Milo (the stuffed one), Baby, and Monkey (not pictured).

The car ride down was uneventful (re: vomit-free), and included our first REAL stop at a rest area. And our first taste of fast food (Burger King). Definitely NOT our first taste of chicken nuggets.


Upon our arrival, Sophie immediately made two new friends.

They went everywhere with her. Zoom in on her high chair in the picture below.


Dinner time!


Cousins Noah and Lily have an AWESOME basement play room. You think our play area (baby jail) is fun? You should head to Virginia. We spent a good portion of the weekend doing this:

and this…


There was so much action it was kind of hard to capture on film.

On Sunday, we went to the Udva-Hazy Air and Space Museum. Our visit was short-lived due to one sick baby and several tired and cranky toddlers, but it was neat seeing so many planes and helicopters up close. Sophie had the most fun.

P.S. It was Valentine’s Day. And this was our attempt at Valentine’s Day outfits:


Someone insisted on wearing his favorite (dirty) shirt AGAIN and refused to dress in red and white. Toddlers.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Since 2/3 of our children pretty much refused to nap (“No nap! No nap! No nap!” followed by our first serious toddler meltdown. Thanks, H.) they had a lot of time to play.


There were arts and crafts…




..and light sabers

On Monday, it snowed. Quite a bit. It was a LONG day. But look at all the fun we had!

Outside fun! 

Inside fun!

We also decorated and baked cookies, played with snow INSIDE, built legos, ran an indoor race, took a bath, and drew with chalk. And no, Henry still wasn’t tired enough to take a nap. I blame the teeth.

Can’t wait for our next visit!