Happy 2nd Birthday!


On Saturday, Henry, Jack, and Sophie celebrated their second birthday surrounded by friends and family, and of course, their good pal, George (as in Curious George). Their birthday was a pretty big hit since it included so many of their favorite things: George, CAKE, balloons CAKE, stickers, CAKE, drawing, CAKE, and of course, so many of their favorite people. They also finally realized they like presents. Especially Sophie.

Their first gift of the day was an easel. These kiddos LOVE “drawing!”

Trying to get them to all smile AND look at the camera at the same time is quite a feat. Here, Jack is working on his “Cheese!” face:

Their second gift of the day arrived with Nana: balloons!


Again with the not looking at the camera. 

And not just ANY balloons. Curious George balloons, of course. Thanks, Polly!

Then came the stickers. Curious George was everywhere!

And finally, of course, CAKE!!!

They received many other wonderful gifts, and we can’t thank everyone enough for thinking of us on their birthday.

And now, a recap of their second year of life.

Since their last birthday, Henry, Jack, and Sophie:

  • learned to walk
  • learned to talk
  • learned a gazillion words (that IS the official count now)
  • learned to climb
  • learned to kick (a ball, not each other)
  • learned to throw
  • learned to draw
  • went for their first hikes in Maine
  • survived their first 10-hour road trip to Maine (and so did their parents)
  • had three ER trips between them (NOT evenly split between them…thanks, H)
  • made new friends (we’re talking to you, Ellie!)
  • continued to develop their hilarious, adorable, wonderful personalities

The transition from one-year-olds to two-year-olds is huge!



Stats: 23.5 lbs, 33 inches tall

Favorite things: chalk, markers, crayons, Curious George, Elmo (and friends), balloons, raisins (?!), BATHS, dinosaurs, music, Daddy, his green shirt

Least favorite things: strangers

Favorite past times: drawing, splashing, picking out his clothes, picking out other people’s clothes, dressing up in Daddy’s clothes,”reading,” cleaning

Special talent: Climbing out of his crib


Stats: 18.3 lbs, 30 inches

Favorite things: sunglasses, Curious George, baby dolls, books, cake, cookies, yogurt (can you say, “Sweeth Tooth?”), phones, Elmo and friends

Least favorite things: depends on her mood!

Favorite past times: chatting, drawing, splashing in the tub, walking down the sidewalk, pushing her baby stroller, FaceTiming

Special talent: singing her ABC’s*

*among many other nursery rhyme favorites



Stats: 24.5 lbs, 33 inches

Favorite things: balloons, dinos, Elmo, George, monkey jammies, Goldfish, outside

Least favorite things: raisins

Favorite past times: cleaning, mixing, splashing in the tub, reading, getting dressed up in Daddy’s clothes, wagon rides

Special talent: talking in complete sentences (My recent favorite it, “Go back in the bedroom, Milo.” You have to know our cat Milo to really appreciate this)

More spring adventures to come! Thanks to everyone who helped make their birthday a smashing success!

5 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday!

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday! I read that you have a climber. I know I mentioned it before…. crib tents! They are wonderful! I never would have slept if I thought my 3 were roaming the house at night! And my husband was a police officer (he is retired now) but for an entire year he was on the night shift! I don’t think I would have survived without my crib tents! Good luck!

    • I know…you are not the only one to mention crib tents! I have to admit…they make me nervous too! Jack seems to have calmed down with the climbing out (for now). The new thing is taking the diapers off. For that, I recall the best solution is duct tape 🙂 And we’ve already moved to zippered jammies for naps and night time (soon to be worn backwards and zippered up the back, I think!)

  2. We tried the zippered jammies on backwards… didn’t work. They would unzip each other! We tried using the baby safety pins with the bunnies and duckies on them… didn’t work. They undid the safety pins so then there were open safety pins hanging around! Not good. Duct tape worked like a charm though. Good luck!

  3. I am concerned about Jack’s development as it relates to the withered grape adoration. Please brace for shock therapy. I think that any wrinkled stranger could put Jack into tears and on the right track.

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