Winter Wrap-Up

Spring is finally here, and we’ve had several winter adventures that never made it to print. Before we continue our march towards three years old, here’s a winter round-up of all the silliness (and somet seriousness) that occurred over the past couple of months. Ok, it’s not ALL that occurred…I do have a job and three toddlers to parent.

First Mischief

Zoom in on this one. They did NOT start the night this way.


The first time Jack joined Henry in his crib.

First Haircuts!

If you’ve never taken a toddler for a haircut, it is an experience. There is the sensory overload. If you are taking said toddler to a children’s haircuttery (yes, that’s a word), be prepared to be blasted by all things toddler – Elmo and the gang, race car seats, bright colors, silly music, DVDs of every cartoon ever made, and overpriced toys EVERYWHERE. There is the cost. Two toddler haircuts plus the requisite overpriced toys as a “reward” for the toddlers’ atrocious behavior during the haircut (or maybe as a treat to make up for the trauma they experienced?) and of course an overpriced toy for their sister who wasn’t there but is definitely going to want whatever they have, meant I was forking over more cash than I do for my own haircuts, which you might care to know, have been a grand total of two since the triplets were born. Finally, the drama. Or trauma. Or whatever you want to call it when your child is CLEARLY terrified and no amount of bribery or trickery or Elmo will calm him down.

I decided to take one at a time. I thought I was being clever and that it might be easier to convince a brother to get a haircut if he hadn’t been scarred by bearing witness to his brother’s terrifying experience. WRONG. First brother cried the entire time but sat still in his chair whimpering as the wonderful woman snipped all around his head. Went home happy with Elmo in hand and the rediscovery of his ears. Second brother screamed and cried and launched himself out of the chair. Not exactly what you’re going for when their are scissors involved. He had to sit on my lap (we chose a non-race car chair) while the same wonderful woman raced around us trying to snip as quickly as she could and a second wonderful woman blew bubbles in his face repeatedly. He did NOT leave happy. But, he did find his ears again, and maybe Daddy will take them to their next set of haircuts.

Did you know that some toddlers actually LIKE getting their hair cut? Fascinating.

Henry’s 3rd Trip to the ER


Looks miserable, right?

Henry, previously our littlest preemie and our biggest fighter, has outdone his brother and sister with another trip to the ER. Thrice since he came home at barely over 5lbs we have whisked him away to the hospital, and clearly, he enjoys the attention. He is fine (as you might have surmised from the photo above), but a 12am wake-up call by one almost-two-year-old who cannot breathe is frightening nonetheless. One breathing treatment, dose of steroids, and croup diagnosis later (oh, and a few hours waiting in the ER to watch his reaction), he was home again and in his bed with a barking cough. And he was up three hours later for Sesame Street and Oreos. Because sometimes a little tv and junk food is just what the doctor ordered.

Sophie and Mom have a Girls’ Day Out

Spring break (at least before the plague hit) meant time for things we don’t usually do like one-on-one time with Mom. Sophie enjoyed a walk to the bus stop, a bus ride across town, some time at the Children’s Museum, and a sun butter sandwich on the walk home. Such a treat for both of us! P.S. Sophie LOVES to build stuff!

Jack’s Adventures at Kidville

Jack also enjoyed some one-on-one time with Mom, including a gym class and a music class, both of which he hated 😦 But he was all for them before they began, so we’ll focus on those pictures here.

He did end up enjoying his trial art class though. I can’t say we’re too surprised there!


I am plotting my adventure with Henry as we speak!!

Easter at Nana and Grumples’


Four stomach viruses and a WHOLE lot of plastic eggs made for some holiday fun at Nana and Grumples’ house. We owe you one, Nana!



Pizza Fridays and Pizza Picnics


On Fridays, we eat pizza. In the park, at home, fresh or frozen, it’s pizza on Fridays. Everyone has his or her own approach. Jack pulls the cheese off and eats the cheese and the crust separately. Henry eats it in a wedge from the tip to the crust. Sophie eats it from the crust moving forward, and if there’s any pepperoni, she will surely pull them off and eat them separately. Pizza Fridays. They make for a messy and marvelous start to the weekend.

What else do you do with two-year-old triplets when you’re stuck inside a Manhattan apartment all winter long? 

Arts and Crafts

Everyone in this gang loves drawing, and we love this wall mural Auntie Jen and Uncle Peter sent us for our birthday! Hours (okay, well…minutes…they are toddlers after all) of entertainment.

We’re pretty excited about our easel too!


We’re even drawing in the tub these days!




A little light reading


What could be better than an indoor jungle gym? Enter the QUADRO. Thanks to Grammie for saving this!



Just hanging out on the quadro. Like Daddy did. Back in the day.

I’m not sure what to call this next activity…


Brothers in a bag, Sophie in a bin…just another Saturday at the Strumolo household.

Museum Hopping

Space Travel

Tending to the Babies






It’s been a wonderful winter. Spring and summer…here we come!!

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