Fourth of July


Long before the triplets were born, the Havemeyer clan began gathering in Islip for Fourth of July celebrations. Though I’m not positive about the number, it is possible that I have attended 17 of these shindigs. I’m sure I’ve missed one here or there, but in their very short lives thus far, Henry, Jack, and Sophie have never missed the Fourth of July festivities.

Highlights from this year’s visit included pinwheels, the Cozy Coupe (who doesn’t love a Cozy Coupe), Gee’s garden, the pool, the swing, and at the top of the list, The Playhouse (a 1957 F.A.O. Scwhartz relic that has been repainted and all tidied up for the triplets’ enjoyment…thanks, Gee and Poppy)! It deserves to be referenced with capital letters. It is THAT wonderful.

Driving around in the Cozy Coupe:

Sophie teaching Jack how it’s done: 

Getting a push from Poppy:

And one from Gee!


Tractor Time!



Lots of space to roam with Monkey and Baby


And with Grammie


Playing in their “treehouse”

Pool time!




The Playhouse!


Poppy peering in:


Tea Time!


Our good camera plus patriotic outfits meant the time was ripe for a photo shoot. That, and someone asked me for a family photo recently, and I realized we didn’t have a recent one. Some turned out better than others 😉

Time for a close up!



Stepping Stumps


How handsome is he?


And finally, the family photo we were hoping for. Everyone is ALMOST smiling and ALMOST looking at the camera. Not bad!


3 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Hello – this is Judy from BI – I was wondering how everyone is doing – I see you are thriving and Henry, Jack and Sophie have grown up….much luv to all.

    • Judy! Hello! So good to hear from you! Everyone is doing great thank to you and the rest of the crew at BI. Henry tends to be the first to learn to do anything (including using the potty). I guess he was just fooling us all with that whole breathing thing 🙂 Hope you are well!

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