Preemie Strong

The Strumolo Clan has had a rough week. On Saturday morning, the coughs began. By Saturday afternoon the fevers arrived. By 9pm we were on stridor watch for Jack. And by 10:30, we were in the ER.


One croup diagnosis, breathing treatment, dose of steroids, and stuffed ducky later, we were back at home.


One sick and tired brother.


Two sneaky siblings hijacking his crib while he sleeps on the couch.


Second attempt at naps during illness.


Third attempt.


Sophie was next. Down for the count. 


Rocking the nebulizer. 

This is what three sick toddlers looks like:


What do you do when everyone has fevers and won’t drink? Popsicles!


Here they are working on Sissy Pig. I’m not sure what was ailing her, but Jack was definitely giving her a breathing treatment. 

After a thoroughly exhausting week for ALL five members of our family (six, if you count Sissy Pig!), it would be easy to wallow in self-pity (and there has been some of that). But November 17 is World Prematurity Day. And this year, when November 17 rolled around, despite the sniffles, and coughs, and fevers, and sleepless nights, I was reminded how lucky we are that these amazing little people made it into the world and into our lives.




Hard to believe that just two and a half years ago I could tuck these kiddos inside my shirt…


With Thanksgiving around the corner, I am feeling incredibly grateful for these little humans. And of course for all the incredible people who helped get them to where they are (serving up corn and hotdogs in Nana’s backyard).



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