October 2016

Will and I got a babysitter. This is what they looked like when we left.


Image may contain: people sitting, living room, table and indoor

Spoiler alert: Halloween costumes have arrived.


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Cousin ❤️


Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, living room and indoor

Fun with cousins!! Missing them already…

It’s all fun and games until they all refuse to nap…


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She has finally succumbed to the weekend nap. Not exactly sure what I’ll do when her brothers wake up, but at least we know they’re capable of getting out of their cribs on their own.

Wrote two first quarter comments and created a conference sign up for parents. Sent an all-parent email and typed up this post. Who says you need two hands to type?

NOTE: Cries of, “I want to get out!” have just begun emanating from the nursery.


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