January 2017

January 1 · 

Celebrating the new year like only three toddlers can: this is the “party” they just hosted. They weren’t sure they were going to invite me, but they set a timer and decided I would be an eligible guest after the timer expired. But then they warned me not to touch anything. Just to look. It looks like their party would have been a bit too much for me anyway.

January 8 · 

Because the twenty minute trek to the park (and the hour it took to get us all dressed and out the door) is totally worth it for three tiny snow angels; a snow dog, a snow cat, and a snow baby; and ten minutes actually out in the snow #snow#triplets#toddlers#cityliving#thisisnotanallterrainvehicle


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This child was up UNTIL 1AM last night. And then again at 4. In the throes of our never ending bedtime routine last night, it was hard to remember just how adorable and lovable she can be. And so I am grateful for snapshots of these moments. Maybe she’s just training to pull the night shift at the hospital? Or preparing to be on call when she’ll need to wake up at a moment’s notice?

In an ironic turn of events, she and her brothers spent the entire morning “putting Daddy to bed.” Reading him stories, tucking him in, going to do chores, and coming back to check on him. So in case you were wondering, she knows exactly how bedtime is supposed to work 😜.


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A little Sunday morning work sesh. #familybusiness#rodanandfields#thisishappening


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January 16
Hans Christian Anderson.jpg

Sometimes they are willing to clean up after themselves. Sometimes. What did your long weekend look like? #toddlers #triplets #longweekend


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