March 2017

I know, I know. I am still playing catch up. But I’ll be darned (the kids might read this one day, right?) if we hit our big milestone tomorrow afternoon (starting a new school!) and we are still in the land of two-year-olds on the blog. So here goes nothing. I can always sleep tomorrow, right?

Recovering from a bout of breathing battles and our first overnight in the hospital since the NICU: 


Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes for Miss Soph. We are still here, working on weaning the oxygen and waiting for the pulmonologist. I think she’s ready to go home, but then, I’m not a medical professional 🙂

She is feeling and doing much better though. Especially considering the 11PM, 2AM, and 5AM wake up calls for neb treatments. First thing she said this morning was, “Where’s the boys?”

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Last night was the first night since before they were born that these three little people did not share a room. I am too tired to remember all of the adorable things they did and said when they were apart and then back together again, but I know we will always be so grateful that they have each other. Family is everything.

#triplets #bedsharing#Sophiedefinitelystaedbedtimebyofferingextrahugstonight


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Eleanor Strumolo

March 6 · 

This was Saturday. Perhaps we should have seen it coming? My money would have been on Jack for the ER trip though.

One day of medication for Sophie. Yes, we are bribing her. No, it isn’t really working. If you’d like to see sheer crazy sauce, come by around 1AM or 5AM to see just how loud a tiny toddler can get. Bring you ear plugs and your neck guard!

March 10 · 

They say sleep deprivation is a form of torture. I’m not sure what information our children are trying to get out of us, but they can have it. I give in.

March 19 · 

Reunited with my jogging stroller and my littlest running buddy. We may have just found the sanity-saving solution to Sophie’s refusal to nap. Thanks to my better half for suggesting it. Why did it take us 8 months to think of it?
#rememberwhenweconsideredbuyingatriplejoggingstroller#whatarethechancesshellsleepghroughatriptothegrocerystore#whatarethechsncesillfitthroughthedooratthegrocerystore #justkeeprunning

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March 21 · 

So rarely get a moment, much less an entire morning, alone with one of my kiddos. Had an adventure with H today, and it was amazing (and SO easy). Long for more of these days.

March 26 · 

As soon as we get back these kids start planning their own trip to Puerto Rico. Don’t worry, they’ll “be back in a few minutes.”

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March 28 · 

3-year check-up? Nailed it. When did they get so big?!?

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March 31 · 

Because everyone starts crafting at 6:30am, right?

#whydonttheysleep #theyusedtosleep #weusedtosleep

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