Father’s Day 2016


IMG_0192This year, I got a bit fancier with my Father’s Day photos. I ordered wooden letters instead of making my own paper-and-Sharpie version which was better 1) because it just looks nicer, 2) because they should last longer (can we say, “Father’s Day Photo Tradition?”), and 3) because the children cannot eat them.

Last year’s photos:

This year’s photos:


Fancier, yes. Easier? I’m not sure. Getting a decent photo requires that all three kids are actually in the frame, they are all fully-clothed, no one looks miserable, no one is moving, and they are sort of looking in the general direction of the camera. Oh, yeah, and they’re holding these big wooden letters in the correct order: D-A-D. Getting a frame-worthy Father’s Day photo requires all of the above PLUS smiles. Three of them. In the same picture. The odds were stacked against me.


Right order? Check. Three smiles? Check. Looking at the camera? One out of three. Proper orientation of the letters? Negative.

It doesn’t help that the three subjects of this photo can now move wherever they want without any help from me, and that often, where they want to be is precisely any place that isn’t the place I want them to be. And exercising their ability to say, “No!” is a favorite pastime around here too. Oh, toddlers. I do sometimes reminisce about the days when they didn’t understand they had free will worth asserting. Just kidding. Sort of.

A few more outtakes:

There was a fair amount of bribery involved in this photo shoot. We dealt in cookies, mostly, and we had to split things up between two sessions because 1) the camera battery was dead, and 2) the attention span of a two-year-old is quite short. The attention span of three two-year-olds, in case you are wondering, is decidedly shorter.

After all that, we never quite managed three camera-facing smiles, but we did end up with a few fun shots. It only took 94 tries.