Halloween 2017

I started a new tradition in our family last Valentine’s Day, and it’s to celebrate the smaller holidays. I know this sounds silly (or perhaps obvious?) but here’s what it means in our house: themed plates, decorations, and possibly, just possibly, a special holiday-related treat. All before 6:30am.

Breakfast isn’t usually a big deal in our household, and the morning drama starts early, so decorations and pumpkin plates go a long way. I may have also let them have cookies with their waffles…

Mom (cookie bunnies?) for the win.

But when it came time to decide on Halloween costumes for this year, I just couldn’t do it. There were two possible approaches:

1) Choose something for them (“Play the triplet card one more time!” I thought. “Make them dress up as Ron, Harry, and Hermione while you still can!” my heart screamed).


2) Let them choose for themselves.

Because I know my children and because the toddler version of them pretty much wants nothing to do with what the things that I think are great ideas, I went with OPTION TWO.

One small problem: They COULD NOT decide what they wanted to be.

At first they were going to be a firefighter, a veterinarian, and a teacher. “Great!” I thought, “We have all of those costumes already.” Done, done, and done.

And then, they started saying they’d like to be ghosts. We had some ghost stickers, I think. They also started saying they’d be a firefighter, a veterinarian, and a teacher for Christmas. Just when I thought they’d finally wrapped their heads around Halloween.

And then at some point, they settled on coconuts. I don’t know where this came from. I am not even sure they know what coconuts are. But anytime anybody asked them what they were going to be in the ten days leading up to Halloween, they would say, “A coconut.” Craftier moms might have made this happen. I just decided we would open up the costume box on Halloween and see what they decided to be.

That’s what we did, and you know what they decided to be? The same thing they were last year. And luckily for us, their costumes still fit.

I may have committed a major Halloween faux pas, but the kids didn’t seem to notice. BONUS: They were warm.

And they did seem to really enjoy it this year. And, as always, we all learned some important things: Jack learned that “Some people don’t do trick-or-treating” when we arrived at a building where there wasn’t any candy. Sophie learned to say, “I’m allergic to nuts!” every time someone presented her with a bowl of candy (we’re still working on the “Trick or treat!”) And Henry learned that sometimes even dogs get dressed up on Halloween. He bonded with several fellow pups as we strolled up and down 73rd street. Mom and Dad learned that nut allergies on Halloween are a REAL PAIN, lollipop wrappers are NOT toddler proof, and bedtime on Halloween is pretty much bound to be a disaster.

But for a couple of hours, they were So. Dang. Happy. Recycled costumes and all. Until next year…

Happy Halloween!

img_1922This year, we let Henry, Jack, and Sophie choose their own costumes. Surprise, surprise: we ended up with a Doggie, a Milo, and a Monkey. If you haven’t met them yet, you might not understand just how deeply their loyalties lie when it comes to their special animals, but Henry, Jack, and Sophie are as attached to their beloved animals (and any and all of their distant cousins and relatives) as they are to “their” colors (blue, green, and pink).

This was also the first year we went trick-or-treating. They still don’t really understand candy (not to mention that Sophie is fatally allergic to most of it), and when I asked them the first few times if they wanted to go trick-or-treating, they had mixed feelings about it. When the candy came out that night at our apartment (we were offering peanut- and tree-nut free Hershey’s kisses), they weren’t sure what to do with it. Jack was the first to realize they were edible, and when he asked, “Can I eat it?” and I replied, “Yes!” he popped the whole thing in his mouth. Wrapper and all.

I’ll set the scene as we were getting ready to go out the door on Halloween night. Everyone is (finally!) in their costume. Their mouths are covered in chocolate from the Hershey’s kiss I allowed them each to eat. There is a fight over which pumpkin bucket they want, and it takes me a while to realize that Sophie wants the one we are leaving for the neighbors. The one with all the candy in it. And it’s not the bucket she wants. It’s the candy. As I am trying to get them into the wagon (I am flying solo for trick-or-treating and considering braving the streets, but not without the wagon!), our doorbell rings.  I open the door, and a little girl dressed as a witch, and her mom, stand on the other side, bag outstretched, saying, “Trick or treat!” I give her the candy and close the door, and immediately, Henry, Jack, and Sophie look up at me and say, “Again?”

We were out the door. They LOVED every second of it. They didn’t understand why we didn’t go inside these other houses we visited, and they still don’t really understand candy, but as we made our way home with their sticky, lollipop-covered hands and faces, they kept asking, “Can we go Halloween again?” and saying, “I want to see one more neighbors.”

I’d never really thought of Halloween as a time to visit with your neighbors, meet new people, or just get out and say hi to the people in your neighborhood, but for us (for this year at least), that’s really what it was. And I’d say that’s a totally reasonable (and somewhat wonderful) reason to don a silly costume and walk (or roll) around knocking on doors way past bedtime one night out of the year.

The candy doesn’t hurt either.


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

2015-09-13 18.23.25

And we have been having so much fun this fall with Henry, Jack, and Sophie. Below, a few of our favorite things:

The Natural History Museum:

The Zoo: 

Bronx or Central, the Children’s Zoo is a particular favorite. We love feeding the sheep and the goats!

The Swings:

Bath time:

2015-09-27 17.29.39

Water (for drinking, dumping, splashing in, and general revelry):




2015-10-10 17.19.31-1

Their New Couch: 

I promise they sit on it sometimes too.

Monk, Baby, Dog, and Milo(s).

2015-09-27 18.28.18

It’s hard to believe there was a time, not long ago, that these creatures (the stuffed animals, not our children) were not a part of our family.

2015-09-19 15.53.24

Sophie, bringing Baby home for the first time.

2015-09-19 17.54.55

Baby at breakfast.

2015-09-27 16.05.28

H and Dog.

2015-09-19 16.03.23

Of course, with the baby comes a baby carriage…

2015-09-19 16.15.07-1

No, the milk bottle doesn’t fit in the stroller.

2015-09-19 16.23.57

But Lampard does!

Singing! Come on, now. Are you really that surprised?


Our current favorites include “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (live action optional, but preferable), “Hush Little Baby,” “Six Little Ducks,” and “The Alphabet Song.”

Other Updates:

Henry and Jack had their follow-up neurology appointments, and all is well.

2015-08-26 10.09.45

Dog and Milo passed with flying colors too 🙂

Sophie is officially allergic to peanuts. And all tree nuts. Ugh.

2015-09-30 15.31.57

The trip to the allergist was NO fun.

We’ve learned about drawing…(Rule #1: Don’t eat the crayons):


2015-09-07 16.25.47

 …and algebra

 2015-09-04 09.42.29

    We went to our first skating party:

2015-10-26 18.42.38

And dressed as the Three Little Pigs for Halloween.

And when I ran the NYC Marathon on November 1, Henry, Jack, and Sophie were my three littlest fans.

Our favorite books at the moment include: “Good Night, Gorilla,” “Wynken and Blynken and Nod,” “Babar,” “The Snowy Day,” “LMNO Peas,” and “Madeline.”

Our favorite foods are: mac ‘n cheese, beets, sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, pasta, peas, waffles, and pancakes.

We know too many words to count, but some of our new favorites are: Jack, Henry, and Dee-dee (that’s Sophie)! “Dinner” (this refers to all meals of the day, so you can often hear Henry shouting, “Dinner!!” at 7am as he tries to climb into his high chair), “open” and “please!” (the combination of which frees them from the baby jail), “dino,” “stripes,” “pizza,” “pasta,” and “potatoes.”

It’s been so busy that I’m sure I’m forgetting some of our adventures here, but I have no doubt there will be many more to come!

  2015-09-12 15.05.15

Happy Halloween!

So many posts to write, so little time. We are coming up on Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s 7-month birthday, so this one will be brief. I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I don’t really enjoy dressing up, but dressing other people up (especially really tiny people!) is right up my alley.


Little Kid on a Big Couch


I had to post this. J looks so sad and lonely. Like he’s been put in Time Out. And he’s thinking about his actions and what he can do better next time. Love this kid. May he never be lonely!


How hilarious is Sophie’s pose here? She is ready for action.


Batman has met his match. A child’s neck pillow.


Always fun trying to capture all three looking at the camera. We have mastered (sort of) holding up our heads, but now we can wriggle our way all over the place!IMG_0109 IMG_0108IMG_0105

So there you have it. Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s first Halloween. Thanks to Jenny and Robbie they had two costumes. All celebrities change at least once halfway through programming. Until tomorrow (or whenever I can manage to get their 7 Month post up)!