And then they were three…

They had a party with a bubble machine, cupcakes, and all of their friends from school. They aged out of Early Intervention services. Turning three was a big deal.

April 2 · 

When you try to make a surprise birthday breakfast for three kids who regularly request (demand?) pancakes at 5:30AM. BARELY made it.

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When they share a birthday but not an opinion. #tripletproblems


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A very happy birthday to this adorable, thoughtful, clever little man. Whether he grows up to be a veterinarian, a mad scientist, a teacher, a dancer, or the president of the United States, he will never stop amazing me with all that he can do. Love this little man.

Happy birthday to this sweet, sensitive, and generous little man. Whether he grows up to be a mathematician, a musician, a soccer player, or a cowboy, I know he will find joy in every minute. I am so grateful for his constant love and affection. Love this little man.

A very happy birthday to this spunky, hilarious, snuggly little girl. Whether she grows up to be a soccer player, a princess, a firefighter, a doctor, or a ballerina, I have no doubt this girl is going to make things happen. I’m so lucky to have her light in my life!

Sunday Funday with the Family. An impromptu tire swing date with a friend, discovering the “BIG slide,” a trip to the zoo, bubbles, and Shake Shack. Simply the best.

April 16 · 

Because everything is color coded. Always.

And because the only picture we could get with the three kids was this one.

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April 18 · 

You know you’re in for a long night when at 8:48 one of your toddlers is already asking, “Is it time to wake up yet?” And she hasn’t even fallen asleep yet 🤣

April 21 · 

Some days (like yesterday), you’re repeatedly reminded of all the things you haven’t done: there’s no food in the house, the bill you meant to pay last week is still sitting in your purse, the kids have no clean underwear. Literally.

Then other days you shower (that’s a big accomplishment, folks), and make it out the door to the donut shop in the rain with all three kids before work, and you feel like a rockstar. Did I mention Will was out of town?

And then, you go to leave for work and have to come back THREE separate times because you forgot your debit card, your cell phone, and your employee ID. Oh, and you also threw an envelope of cash in the TRASH last night while you were cleaning up, and you’re just lucky someone else thought to look for it before that trash was taken out for the day. At least we all got our donuts…? 😳🍩🍩🍩


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Flying Solo

April 24 · 

Guys, I survived 72 hours alone with the triplets. Well, to be fair, I was at work for 8 of those hours, but really it was 75 hours if we’re counting, so…close enough. There were some stressful moments (what to do at 9pm and 11pm and 12am and 2am and 4am when all they want is Daddy and he’s the one thing you can’t provide at the moment?) and some joyous moments (give these kids a few sticks and a pile of mulch, and they are in heaven. They may not be clean, but they’re happy).

And have I mentioned how much they LOVE the subway? We had a subway adventure (yes, I brought three toddlers on the subway by myself, and yes, I’m slightly crazy), and on it, we got LOTS of stares. We got the “Are you crazy?” stares and the “Wait…are those triplets?!” stares, and the “I feel for you” stares, and the “You REALLY shouldn’t have three toddlers on the escalator/sidewalk/subway platform by yourself” stares.

And then, on the ride back, we sat down next to a family with five adults and ONE toddler, and they looked at us and said, “Wow…are they twins?” We get this a lot. “Triplets,” I replied. “OH! Wow! That’s wonderful! You are lucky! You are blessed.” they said. And they were serious. And you know what? We hear that almost every time we are out with the kids. And sure, it’s one out of the sixty comments/stares we get that day (someone actually took a photo of them in the wagon at the bagel store the other day just because she’d “never seen anything like it”), but it happens, without fail. And you know what? It’s 100% true.

Having three kids is EXHAUSTING. And having three toddlers is BEYOND exhausting. Especially three who have decided sleeping is not one of their favorite past times. But we are SO FREAKIN’ LUCKY that this is our family. And I know that. Sometimes I forget it after two hours of bedtime shenanigans, or when one toddler starts off running in the middle of the sidewalk and I have to decide to leave two to chase the third (remind me to tell you about our “Strangers” talk sometime). But when we are all standing on our chairs rocking out to Coldplay at 7am (and in fits of giggles over the “Ah ooooooooooh” part) or when they write their own song with the lyrics, “I love you, Mommy, oh yes I do!!” it pretty much just melts your heart. And with three of them, I’m lucky enough to get thrice the serenades. Love these crazy kids. And now, to bed.

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April 26 · 

We discovered SnapChat. Thanks, Sarah McTurk MacLeod, for the recommendation. You’re right. LOTS of toddler entertainment. And Mom thought it was pretty funny too. Missing our weekend together already (yes, the sleepless/showerless one).


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 New York Transit Museum

Story time on an old subway car!


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8 Months!

DSC_0059For their 8-month birthday, Henry, Jack, and Sophie got a new play area. Who needs a dining nook anyway?


They also got some new toys:


Henry holding court while Jack and Sophie look on.


Rockin’ out in the “Step ‘N Play.”


Sophie and Jack exploring their new play mat in their new play area.




Height: 25 inches

Weight: 14 lbs, 14.1 oz

Head Circumference: 46 cm

Clothing Size: Believe it or not, but he’s still squeezing into his 3-month  clothes and wearing 0-3 months in pants (he comes by those short legs naturally)! We are making the move to 3-6 month clothes slowly…sometimes simply because the smaller onesies’ neck holes won’t fit over his adorable head!

Milestones Reached: rolling, rolling, rolling. Every which way. He is reaching for things and grabbing, moving towards things with a purpose and pulling things in to play with.

This little man is all over the place! He treats his crib like a playpen, rolling all around and bumping into the edges like a pinball. He loves his exersaucer and his crinkly book. We’re working on sharing.


Preferred Sleeping Position: On his belly, rump in the air, pressed up against the edge of his crib where is brother sleeps.

Favorite Past Time: Eating. I pity the man or woman who pulls the bottle out of his mouth to burp him. And when that woman is me, I do it really quickly.

Feeding: This hungry monkey will eat until you force him to stop. And then he will cry. And then he will spit up. Until it’s time to feed again. 7.5 oz of milk seems to be his magic number right now. And he will eat ANY solid food we put in front of his face. Or in front of his brother or sister’s face. Last week he got fancy and had chicken, quinoa, vegetable soup (Thanks, Anna!) and slurped it all up!




Height: 22.8 inches

Weight: 13 lbs, 1 oz

Head Circumference: 40 cm

Clothing Size: This little lady is still rocking her 0-3 month clothes.

Milestones Reached: Pivoting 360 degrees on her belly.

Sophie is everywhere. Twirling around in circles, rolling over and over. Don’t turn away, because she’ll likely roll out the door. Case in point:



I’m still not sure how she got there.

She is on the verge of crawling and eager to sit, so stay tuned!

Favorite past time? Posing for the camera.

She also loves to read!


I swear this wasn’t posed.




Height: 24 inches

Weight: 14 lbs, 1 oz

Head Circumference: 44 cm

Clothing Size: Same as his silly brother. 0-3 month pants for those short legs, 3 months for his growing belly, and 3-6 months for his big, beautiful head.

Milestones Reached: Rolling, reaching, toes in his mouth! He loves to chew those toes!


Love this happy, snuggly, mellow little man! He loves to sit in my lap to read, and when the witching hour strikes, Jack can often be counted on to keep his cool.

Preferred Sleeping Position: Also on his belly, pressed up against the edge where HIS brother sleeps. Except when Henry’s screaming. Then Jack migrates to the other side of the crib to keep his distance. Can’t say I blame him!

Favorite Past Time: Playing in his exersaucer.

Feeding: Jack can throw it back with the best of us.

 IMG_1823 We’re pretty sure that’s not how the handles are supposed to be used. He’s also a big fan of the big-boy chair and his spoon!


Other things we did this month

Received Synagis shots:


Played Hide-and-Seek


Reunited with our friend David from the NICU!

IMG_4512 IMG_4517

Of course Sophie immediately tried to snatch his toys. Way to make friends, Soph!


IMG_1819 IMG_1821 IMG_1820

Worked on our Physical Therapy


 Wore our pom-pom hats (that of course we have nearly outgrown before even wearing)!

 DSC_0249 DSC_0256

Had our first taste of peas:


Sophie’s face pretty much sums it up.

And because I can’t resist, and I’m too tired to properly edit, more photos from the month. Enjoy!


Sophie: “Save me from these silly boys!”



9/37 Weeks

So, the trips are 37 weeks gestationally and 9 weeks old today. Because we hit the 60 day mark and were still hanging out in the NICU (did I mention we’d been moved AGAIN? We’ve now had the grand tour…) their immunizations have begun. Two down, one (maybe two to go), so we should be going home soon. For real this time. No more preemie pranks, guys!






Weight: 5 lbs 1.8 ounces

Feeding: by mouth, without incident

Immunizations? 2/3

Car Seat Test? Passed! 6/1/14

Other: Did you ever think Henry would be the first to come home? Well, we’re now looking at bringing the whole gang home at once (perhaps that was their plan all along) but if not for his immunizations, Henry would have been home as soon as he finished that car seat test. When I say he feeds by mouth without incident, I really mean without incident. As in, without incident ever. He is our star feeder!





Weight:   5 lbs 13 ounces

Feeding: by mouth, without incident

Immunizations? 2/3

Car Seat Test? Passed

Other: While all three of our little loves are grunters, Jack is the loudest little piglet of them all. Now, I will take grunting over crying ANY day. It’s actually pretty cute. He’s most likely to do it when I’m across the room sitting with Sophie, and you’ll just here this grunting and squealing (seriously, it’s piglet-like), and you’ll look over to see Jack’s blankets moving to and fro. Being the mellow fellow that he is, it’s not surprising that when he clamors for attention, all he does is shift around a bit and grunt. Do we have our first Halloween costume? Three little pigs, anyone?



Drama Queen


Weight:   5 lbs 8.6 ounces

Feeding: by mouth, mostly without incident*

Immunizations? 2/3

Car Seat Test? Passed

*She’s still a bit gulpy (especially when she’s hungry) and every once in a while in her ravenous state–you would think we don’t feed this butterball 8 times a day, pretty much right on schedule–she neglects to breathe sometimes. But she’s gone from not pacing herself at all (i.e. you have to yank the bottle out of her mouth which is harder than it sounds because she’s such a strong sucker!) to pacing herself for 50% of the feed, to pacing herself for about 85% of the feed.

Other: So yesterday, Lisa (the physical therapist) and I were going to have our last infant massage session, and we planned to try it on one of the bambinos. Since Sophie doesn’t sleep between her 12 and 3pm feeds — no crying, just hanging out, staring at the ceiling tiles–we thought she’d be the perfect candidate. So there Sophie was, doing her “I don’t really need to sleep” thing, for at least an hour and a half. Lisa and I get all ready, head over to her bassinet, and what should we find? A sleeping little princess. When Lisa joked that Sophie was playing games with us and that as soon as we walked away she would be up and at ’em again, Sophie smiled. I kid you not. Full-on, teeth-baring (if she had teeth) smile. We’ll never know if she was really sleeping or not, but if I know this girl, I’m betting not.

7 Weeks/35 Weeks Old

Our Stats:



Nickname: Noisy

Weight: 4 lbs 3.6 oz

Feeds: 37 ml gavage feedings (through the tube) on the pump over 30 minutes

Breathing: continuous CPAP, room air



Nickname: Stinky

Weight:  4 lbs 15.4 oz

Feeds: 37 ml PO feedings (bottle or breastfeeding) four times a day, otherwise bolus feedings

Breathing:  All on his own!



Nickname: Messy

Weight: 4 lbs 12.4 oz

Feeds: 40 ml PO feedings (bottle or breastfeeding) four times a day, otherwise bolus feedings

Breathing:  All on her own (though not so much while she’s eating…we’re working on that)!