June 2017

The Bedtime Battles Continue

June 1 · New York · 

Apparently these kids were so excited about the new sheets they earned for staying in their beds that they could not sleep last night. Or stay in their beds. Oh, the irony 🤣! Hard to be mad at these faces though.

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Divide and Conquer

June 3 

 Today, we divided and conquered (for a couple of hours at least). So amazing to spend time with these kids one (or two) on one. We SO rarely have adventures like these, preferring to spend our weekend moments together as a family of five, but boy is it a completely different (and amazing!) experience when we have the chance. I feel like I finally get to BE WITH them and not just managing them.

Early this morning and later this afternoon they were back together again, and that too was a ton of fun.
Workout Buddies
June 4  

They may have cut my workout short, but this has gotta count extra towards my fitness goal for the day (ahem, week) right?

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I love me some weekends!


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As if we didn’t draw enough attention to ourselves already…


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March 2017

I know, I know. I am still playing catch up. But I’ll be darned (the kids might read this one day, right?) if we hit our big milestone tomorrow afternoon (starting a new school!) and we are still in the land of two-year-olds on the blog. So here goes nothing. I can always sleep tomorrow, right?

Recovering from a bout of breathing battles and our first overnight in the hospital since the NICU: 


Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes for Miss Soph. We are still here, working on weaning the oxygen and waiting for the pulmonologist. I think she’s ready to go home, but then, I’m not a medical professional 🙂

She is feeling and doing much better though. Especially considering the 11PM, 2AM, and 5AM wake up calls for neb treatments. First thing she said this morning was, “Where’s the boys?”

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Last night was the first night since before they were born that these three little people did not share a room. I am too tired to remember all of the adorable things they did and said when they were apart and then back together again, but I know we will always be so grateful that they have each other. Family is everything.

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Eleanor Strumolo

March 6 · 

This was Saturday. Perhaps we should have seen it coming? My money would have been on Jack for the ER trip though.

One day of medication for Sophie. Yes, we are bribing her. No, it isn’t really working. If you’d like to see sheer crazy sauce, come by around 1AM or 5AM to see just how loud a tiny toddler can get. Bring you ear plugs and your neck guard!

March 10 · 

They say sleep deprivation is a form of torture. I’m not sure what information our children are trying to get out of us, but they can have it. I give in.

March 19 · 

Reunited with my jogging stroller and my littlest running buddy. We may have just found the sanity-saving solution to Sophie’s refusal to nap. Thanks to my better half for suggesting it. Why did it take us 8 months to think of it?
#rememberwhenweconsideredbuyingatriplejoggingstroller#whatarethechancesshellsleepghroughatriptothegrocerystore#whatarethechsncesillfitthroughthedooratthegrocerystore #justkeeprunning

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March 21 · 

So rarely get a moment, much less an entire morning, alone with one of my kiddos. Had an adventure with H today, and it was amazing (and SO easy). Long for more of these days.

March 26 · 

As soon as we get back these kids start planning their own trip to Puerto Rico. Don’t worry, they’ll “be back in a few minutes.”

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March 28 · 

3-year check-up? Nailed it. When did they get so big?!?

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March 31 · 

Because everyone starts crafting at 6:30am, right?

#whydonttheysleep #theyusedtosleep #weusedtosleep

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4 Months Old!


4 Months Old! (Or 5 weeks, but who’s counting?)


It took a while (and a rattle) to get everyone to look at the camera.



Weight: 9 lbs, 12 oz

Milestones Reached:

  • follows a moving person
  • follows a moving object
  • brings hands to mouth
  • cries to express needs (he’s been doing that for a while now)!

Likes: milk (and lots of it)!

Dislikes: dirty diapers

Things We’re Working On: Smiling, Lifting his head up (instead of falling asleep) during Tummy Time



Weight: 9 lbs, 12.5 oz

Milestones Reached:

  • follows a moving person
  • follows a moving object
  • brings hands to mouth
  • cries to express needs, but only if he REALLY, REALLY, needs you. He’s still our mellow fellow!

Likes: popped collars

Dislikes: frozen milk

Things We’re Working On: Smiling, Lifting his head up (instead of falling asleep) during Tummy Time, Sitting up in the Bumbo



Weight: 9 lbs, 1.5 oz

Milestones Reached:

  • follows a moving person
  • follows a moving object
  • brings hands to mouth
  • cries to express needs (duh)
  • smiles at friendly faces (and bunnies)

Likes: Bunnies! Stories! Jacque the Peacock, mobiles, ceiling projections, pretty much anything she can look at.

Dislikes: frozen milk

Things We’re Working On: Sitting up in the Bumbo, going to bed. Staying asleep.


Things The Triplets Are Doing in Month Four:

  • taking walks
  • reading stories
  • playing on the activity mat
  • having tummy time
  • sitting in our Bumbos
  • beginning to appreciate the Mamaroo

Story Time!

Don’t believe that four-month-olds/five-week-olds are interested in stories? Take a look at the close-up below and tell me Sophie is not listening and looking at the pictures.


Henry enjoying his new, fancy mobile from Godfather John




Here are the boys working on their smiles:

IMG_1556   IMG_0272


3 weeks/15 weeks


It’s a pretty common question: “How old are the babies?” If you’ve been following the blog, by now you know there isn’t really a simple answer. But for those who are wondering, we consider the trips to be 15 weeks (that’s almost 4 months!) as we will always celebrate their birthday on April 2nd. We will continue to adjust their age for developmental milestones and when relevant (with doctors, caregivers, etc.) we will remember to consider them three months younger than they really are. So however old you consider them to be, here’s what they are doing now.



Weight: 8 lbs, 14.5 oz

Length: 22.2 in

Head Size: 15.5 in

Eating: 3 oz at a time (most days)

Wearing: 0-3 month clothes

Longest sleeping stretch: 7 hours! That was a wonderful night 🙂

Favorite color: Green. Just kidding. But that’s the color we’ve given him if ever there’s an option, so we hope he likes it!

Favorite baby depository: The Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Bassinet

Milestones reached: 

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • brings hands to mouth



Weight: 8 lbs, 9 oz

Height: 21.5 in

Head Size: 16 in (yes, it’s bigger than Jack’s, so big, in fact, that it’s off the chart percentile-wise)

Eating: 3 oz at a time, sometimes a bit more!

Wearing: Newborns and 0-3 month sizes. Will says I’m squeezing him into the newborn clothes. They’re just so darn cute!

Longest Sleeping Stretch: 6 1/2 hours (not on the same night as Jack’s 7, but that would be too easy!)

Favorite Color: Blue. The outfit above posed a bit of a problem. It’s turquoise, so is that blue or green? But then it has matching blue pants. The other outfit like it is yellow, so that didn’t make for any easy decision either. We also have two of those little whale onesies. So sometimes you’ll see Henry in it, sometimes you’ll see Jack in it, depending on who is getting them dressed. But soon you won’t see anybody in it, because they are both getting too big!!

Favorite Baby Depository: Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing

Milestones Reached: 

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • tracks objects with his eyes when they move through his line of vision
  • pushes up when placed on tummy (sometimes)
  • brings hands to mouth



Weight: 8 lbs, 2 oz

Height: 21.04 in

Head Size: 14.4 in

Eating: 2.5 – 3 oz at a time

Wearing: Newborn clothes. And when Will is in charge, 0-3 months.

Longest Sleeping Stretch: 5 1/2 hours. Last night. Beginning at 7:45 pm. Without “coming to dinner.” Only took three tries. And it was glorious.

Favorite color: Pink. Obviously.

Favorite baby depository: Fisher Price Bouncer. I swear I am not being paid to advertise for Fisher Price.

Milestones Reached:

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • tracks objects with her eyes when they move through her line of vision
  • moves head and eyes towards the direction of a sound being made
  • pushes up when placed on tummy and turns head side to side
  • focuses on faces, patterns, colors, shadows
  • brings hands to mouth
  • smiles*
  • retinas are fully developed and completely normal (this happened a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to mention it)

*There has been some debate about this one, but we’re pretty sure she’s really smiling, not just passing gas! She smiles after focusing on a familiar face for a moment (smile of recognition), and when you shake a rattle at her (smile of enjoyment? or fear?)

We have all surpassed the 8-lb mark! Only one more pound until they match their mother’s birth weight. Yes, I was over 9 lbs when I was born.

Other Developments: 

Jack learned how to cry yesterday. That’s not to say he didn’t ever cry before. He did. But it used to be this little whimper of a cry, until yesterday. He must have been taking lessons from his brother and sister, because all of a sudden, our mellow fellow is not so, well, mellow. He’s learned to open up that mouth and let it out. He’s still a bit more patient than his brother and sister, but now we can no longer tell Jack and Henry apart from the sound of their cries. Henry is more likely to go on and on than Jack is, and there are some sounds Henry makes that only Henry could make. But if you’re in the other room and someone lets out a wail from the nursery, it’s a little less obvious which boy is causing a ruckus. It is still quite clear when it is Sophie.


Mobiles! Now that the trips are looking around and focusing on things (some more than others!), we’ve got their mobiles up in their cribs, and it is amazing to see them transfixed. It’s also a helpful way to keep them occupied while folding laundry or while tending to one of them. The more they focus, the more they enjoy the mobiles, so it’s not surprising that Sophie likes hers best at the moment.

Vivaldi’s “Spring” — Grumples would be so proud!

Another series of photos from the Fourth. Can you tell who is who? 14411938430_8603bc4547_z 14412161487_ee217710c7_z 14412157127_5fac87b420_z